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Learn Docker: read the book as it is being written

TL;DR: buy the discounted book now, then get the full version for free.

I'm in the process of writing my my 6th book. "Learn Docker - .NET Core, Java, Node.JS, PHP or Python" teaches you how to quickly create and run your first containerized application using Docker. Just as I did previously, I'm publishing the book before it is even finished.

Would you like to read it? You can buy it for a fraction of the price:
50% off the book using that coupon (limited to the first 100 readers and up to february 28th 2019):

Your purchase is risk-free: if you're not happy with the book you can get a 100% refund in two clicks within 45 days of purchase.

About 15% of the book is already written, yet it is already available for download as an ebook: PDF, EPUB, MOBI: you choose your format.

Over the next days I'll be writing the rest of the book, and publishing updates often. The final book will be ready by march 1st.

Buy it now and you get several benefits:
  • you can read the ebook right away
  • you get the updates and final version of the ebook for free as soon as they are available
  • get a discounted price using the coupon above, but still get the full ebook
  • final version will be available by march 1st 2019 (or sooner)
  • provide your feedback so that I can tailor the final book to my readers' needs
  • be a VIP in an exciting experiment: reading a technical book as it is being written.

So rush for the book:

In case you prefer paper, the paperback version will be available shortly after march 1st


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